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Bargain fashion sites have cluttered social media, promising designer style at low prices. But are these clothing deals really worth it? Andrea chats with NBC in Los Angeles about what consumers should know before they buy and how to avoid getting duped into a bogus deal. If you ever thought about making a purchase from one of these sites, watch this segment!

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Everyone knows that having a baby isn’t cheap, but new parents often overlook common expenses and underestimate the major ones like childcare. Get Andrea’s do’s and don’ts on new baby finances.

A healthy credit score is important for obtaining loans and qualifying for the best possible interest rate, helping you save money. If you’re credit score is suffering, here are 7 simple strategies to boost it before the end of the year and start 2019 with a fresh financial slate!

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Don’t blow your budget this holiday season! Check out my recent video with 3 easy ways to set your budget, stick to it and how to avoid going into debt this season.

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